1997 – Through The Storm Through The Night

This disc takes the best sound of the Band  and mixes in some of the witty, intelligent sensibility of Jesse Winchester, excellent electric blues guitar playing, and the soul and gospel resonance of the Staple Singers.

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1. Go Wherever You Want To
2. I Want To Be Loved
3.The Way Heaven Feels
4.Singing This Song
5.Gonna Get On My Feet After A While
6.Black Horse Blues
7.Still Yesterday
8.Positively The One
9.Dry Land
10.Scrambled Eggs
11.Richard Lee
12.Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
13.The Leap O' Faith


Production Credits

Producer: Colin Linden 

Colin Linden Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin

Gary Craig Drums, Percussion

John Dymond Bass

Richard Bell Piano, Organ, Accordion, Horn Arrangements

John Whynot Guitar, Percussion

Bruce Cockburn Vocals

Colin James Vocals

Janice Powers Vocals

Tom Wilson Vocals

Stephen Fearing Vocals

Colin Cripps Vocals

Recorded at Sony/Oasis, Kingsway New Orleans & Pinhead Recorders

Mixed at Sony/Oasis & Manta/Eastern Sound

Recorded & Mixed by John Whynot; Additional Recording by Colin Linden


"Skull-Guy" belt buckle by:
Kit Carson
Cactus Camp
45635 N. 20th St.
New River, AZ
Phone/fax: 1-623-465-2680

Production Notes

Produced by Colin Linden and John Whynot (The Dinner Twins)

A&R: David Quilico
Gary Craig: Drums, Percussion
John Dymond: Bass, Backup Vocals
Richard Bell: Piano, Organ
Colin Linden: Guitars, Vocal


Rodrick Paulin: Tenor Saxophone
Alonzo Boren: Tenor And Baritone Saxophone
Jamil Shariff: Trumpet
John Touce': Trombone
Scott Paulin: Trombone (Twister, Holy Fire, Ten Years)

Bruce Cockburn: Harmony Vocals (Ride With Me, Holy Fire)
Colin James: Harmony Vocals (Anything Anytime Anywhere, Love's Like Rain)
Janice Powers: Harmony Vocal (Too Late to Holler)
Tom Wilson: Harmony Vocals (Love Everyone, He Wasn't Fooling)
Stephen Fearing: Harmony Vocals (Before The Blues, Ten Years)
Colin Cripps: Harmony Vocals (Love Everyone, Holy Fire)

John Whynot: Electric Guitar (Holy Fire),
Acoustic Guitar (Before the Blues),
Percussion (Love Everyone, Raging River, Ride With Me)

Horn Arrangements by:

Richard Bell (Love's Like Rain, Twister, Ride With Me, Holy Fire, Too Late to Holler)
John Whynot (Anything Anytime Anywhere, Ten Years, Do Remember Me)
Rodrick Paulin (George Chuvalo)

Recorded and Mixed by John Whynot
Assisted by Ethan Allen (assisted by Phillip Broussard), Annelise Noronha
Additional Recording by Colin Linden & Ethan Allen, Assisted by Curtis The Cat
Recorded at Sony Oasis Studios, Kingsway NO and Pinhead Recorders
Rentals courtesy Casa Wroxton Studio
Additional editing/preparation by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions
Mastered by John Whynot at Hot Digital Dog and Greg Calbi at Masterdisk
CD-ROM prepared by John Whynot

Art Direction by Tom Wilson, assisted by Catherine McRae
Photography by James O'Mara
Additional photographs by Janice Powers, John Dymond and Gary Craig
Photo of Wolf and C.L. by Evelyn Linden

Heartfelt thanks to all the following: Rick Camillieri, Mike Roth, the fabulous David Quilico, Antonello DiDomenico, Lenny Derose, Ian Mackay, Richard Zuckerman, Don Oates, Tanya Nagowski, Gary Furniss, Catherine McRae, and all the great folks at Sony Music throughout Canada, Anne-Marie Smith, Rick Shoemaker, Dale Bobo and all at Warner/Chappell, Greg Calbi, Danielle Crisafulli, Joe Yanuziello, Ed Wilson, George Chuvalo, Colin Cripps, Dan Achen, Teddy Leonard, Morgan Davis, Tim Conder, Ken Whiteley, Bernie Finkelstein and all at True North, Heather Ostertag, Mark Watts and all at FACTOR, the Ontario Arts Council, Garry West, Allison Brown and Compass Records, Linda McRae, Jay Linden, Linda Hess, Marshall Morgan, Joan Besen, Mike Poole, ETM, Shannon Moschenross, Mark Lostracco, Mimi's, Blue Rodeo, Donny Mykytyshyn, Terry Wilkins, Brigitta Ortner-Wilkens, Stephen Brunt, Kevin Evans, Christie Friesen, Billy Block, Keb'Mo and Bubbles The Cat

Number One thanks to my darlin', lovin' wife

Thank you John Whynot, Tamara Silvera and Graeme Whynot for your immeasurable contributions through all these years

Thank You Ann Forbes for your boundless energy and enthusiasm

Thank You Tom Carrico and everybody at Studio One jumping on board with great vision

Thank You Karen Brady & Ethan Allen and everyone at Kingsway for treating us like family, and to Crow for protecting me

Great Big Love and thanks to my brothers in Blackie: Tom, Stephen, Chuck, Will and Blackie, and all the Rodeo Queens

Major Thanks to Colin James, Heather Munn and the Wobbly Boys (aka the Spice Boys)—Chris Norquist & Norm Fisher—for memories I'll cherish as I'm getting kindy old

Thanks Bruce Cockburn for the belt buckle.

Thank You Karl for shining the light

Thank You Randy Labbe for getting me involved with the Howlin' Wolf project

Thanks always to my dear friends Gary Craig, Richard Bell and John Dymond—and Richard, thanks so much for all the extra effort with the hornage

Colleen Peterson and John C. Walker, we miss you

And finally, thanks to everyone who released, played or bought the last album.
Your support means a lot.

This record is dedicated to, once more, Chester Arthur Burnett, the Howlin' Wolf

Bruce Cockburn appears courtesy of True North Records & Rykodisc

Colin James appears courtesy of Warner Music

Stephen Fearing appears courtesy of True North Records