2005 - Southern Jumbo

Southern Jumbo successfully meshes a roots rocking Canadian sound with soulful Southern grit. Linden's dusky voice -- somewhat like the Band's Richard Manuel -- perfectly frames his songs, many of which concern death, dying, and an acknowledgement of mortality.

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1. Southern Jumbo
2. That Was Me
3. Which Way Does the M&O Run?
4. I Give Up
5. Sugar Mine
6. Might as Well Enjoy the Rain
7. Bucket of Soul
8. Train Left an Hour Ago
9. Hook's in the Water
10. Test Song
11. Dog Catcher
12. Back Door to Heaven
13. Go Back Old Devil


Production Notes

Recorded by John Whynot at Stagg Street Studio
Mixed by Colin Linden at Pinhead Recorders

All Songs by Colin Linden. ©2004 Colin Linden Publishing (SOCAN) except:

  • That Was Me & Bucket Of Soul by Colin Linden & Jim Weider - Colin Linden Publishing/Warner-Chappell Music/Moon-Haw Music (ASCAP)

  • I Give Up by Colin Linden & Tom Hambridge - Colin Linden Publishing(SOCAN)/Tom Hambridge Tunes (ASCAP)

  • Back Door To Heaven by Colin Linden & Gary Nicholson - Colin Linden Publishing/Gary Nicholson Music Administered by Sony ATV

  • Dog Catcher - Colin Linden Publishing/Warner-Chappell Music (SOCAN)

Thank yous abound

Thank you to my wife, Janice Powers for making every day a blessing beyond belief without a roadmap
Thank you Bernie Finkelstein for picking up the pieces
Thank you Denise Donlon for liberating the pieces
Thank you John Whynot for your friendship for all these years
Thank you Gary & Barbara Nicholson for being our family in Nashville
Thank you Rob Bowman for getting me in touch with The Memphis Horns
Thank you Wayne Jackson & Andrew Love for sharing such great music
Thank you everyone at True North for the hero’s welcome
Thank you Gary Craig, Richard Bell and John Dymond for sticking with me
Thank you angels Jane Siberry, Kathleen Edwards and Jessi Alexander
Thank you Joel & Ethan Coen for putting me in the movies
Thank you Paul Reddick for changing my life by letting me make your records with you
Thanks Buddy Miller and Bryan Owings for the extra soul
Thanks Stephen Hodges & Larry Taylor for allowing me into the vortex


Heartfelt Thanks to BARK & The Rodeo Queens, Brother Charlie Ferguson, Todd Littlefield, Jody Stephens, Alan Messer, Whitey Johnson, Mrs. Johnson, Greg Calbi, T.Bone Burnett, Daniel Lanois, Jay Linden, Linda Hess, Al Bunetta, Cheryl Powers and Don Jackson, Jimmy and Denise and Jackson Miller, Lucinda Williams, Chad Hailey, Melody Carpenter, Ray Kennedy, Doc MacLean, Janiva Magness, Bruce Cockburn, Tamara Silvera, Graeme Whynot, Merle Haggard and His Band and Crew, Keb’ Mo’, Delbert McClinton, Colin Cripps, David Bray, Danielle Crisafulli, Long & McQuade Music, Billy Block, Steve Berkowitz, Capsule Music, Mark Greenwood, Barry Lebotta and all the great folks of the Historic Waverly Place Neighborhood Association.

Jerry Renewych, I miss you.

Please consider supporting these groups. It might ease somebody’s suffering.
Amnesty International:
The End Hunger Network:

This album is dedicated to the great Blind John Davis, for whom life was a truly beautiful
thing. Thank you forever John.

KATHLEEN EDWARDS appears courtesy of Zoe/Rounder Records
JANE SIBERRY appears courtesy of God
JESSI ALEXANDER appears courtesy of SONY/BMG Music Nashville
BUDDY MILLER appears courtesy of New West Records
PAUL REDDICK appears courtesy of NorthernBlues Music